What Is Lifestyle Design?

If you’ve never heard of lifestyle design, you might be confused as to what we’re here to do. To give you a simple way of understanding how we can help you, we first have to start with a definition: What is lifestyle design?

Lifestyle design is the process of consciously and deliberately creating your ideal vision of the life you want to live.

There are a few important points to this definition:

‘…the process…’ – Lifestyle design isn’t a once-off activity you undertake one afternoon and everything fits your image of your ideal life. It’s a continual process that evolves over time.

‘…consciously and deliberately creating…’ – Lifestyle design requires consciousness and deliberateness. You can’t unconsciously wander through life and hope that you eventually end up with the life you want to live. You need to be consciously aware of the life you want to live and be taking deliberate action towards that life in every moment.

‘…ideal vision of the life you want to live.’ – Lifestyle design isn’t about creating the life that I want to live or that you’ve been told you should be living; it’s about you creating your vision of your ideal life, whatever that may be. It might be running with the bulls, it might be helping orphans, it might be saving the environment. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s what you want to be doing.


What Does Lifestyle Design Look Like?

These abstract definitions are great for breaking things down, but they don’t give you a clear image of what lifestyle design looks like in practice, so here’s an example of how I live my day to help make it more concrete.

My day typically starts at around 6 am. I wake up with the sun because I went to bed soon after the sun went down. The particular time isn’t set because I don’t wake up to an alarm clock. I wake up when my body tells me it’s the right time to get up because that’s what allows me to be most productive.

I give my still sleeping wife a quick kiss on the cheek and climb out of bed.

My day typically starts with working out the best time to go surfing. I can check the tides and how much the wind is effecting the waves from my balcony, so I stumble into the sun and watch the water while I check swells and tides on my phone. When I’ve worked out the optimal time and have messaged my surfing mates, I start my day.

The next stop is the kitchen, where I cook up Chinese rice porridge while I check the sales reports from my various companies overnight. When I’m happy that money’s rolling in and my breakfast is ready to go, I sit wander into my office (which is 6 metres away) and get ready for the day.

My work day starts with reviewing my day’s tasks in my diary. I organised my day before I finished work yesterday and just have to remind myself of the major tasks I need to accomplish today before I can call it quits. As soon as I’m clear, I get started.

My days usually run smoothly. I log into my email at 11 am to see if there’s anything that needs immediate attention, but the teams I have run my various websites are well trained and able to take care of most things without me.

Lunch is usually spent laughing with my wife (she also works from home) before we both get back into work.

If there’s surf around, I’ll head out when the combination of tide, wind, and swell is at its peak. Otherwise, I’ll finish work and head to the gym to lift and laugh with mates.

My day then usually finishes up with dinner with my wife, reading a book or watching a new TV series, and laughing till we go to sleep.

But, the content of this day doesn’t really portray the incredible benefits that come from creating your ideal lifestyle.

  • While my day typically follows the same pattern as most people’s lives, it only does because I choose to. No-one tells me what to do or where to be. I’m the only person who gets to decide how I spend the very precious minutes of my life and I can fill them with whatever I want.
  • Because I get to choose what I fill my time with, I only fill it with things I love. I love my work. I love surfing. I love the gym. I love what I do, every minute of the day.
  • The incredible benefit of setting up passive income streams is that once one is setup, you can then setup another one. I’m not trading time for money, so my income isn’t limited to the hours in a day. The only limit to my income is the number of revenue streams I can establish, which, given a long enough timeline, is unlimited.
  • Creating location-independent income streams mean I’m not tied to major cities and employment hubs. I have the freedom to live anywhere in the world and enjoy the buying power of geo-arbitrage.

This is what lifestyle design looks like and why you need to start consciously and deliberately creating your ideal live today.


Before you run off…

When most people hear about lifestyle design, they get excited. They think all they have to do is build a few passive income streams, move to a remote island in The Bahamas, and soak up the sun while the money rolls in.

But, that’s a limited plan because that’s not all it takes to create your ideal vision.¬†While passive income streams are an important part of most people’s ideal visions, the only form a small part of the lifestyle design process. The more important elements are the deep psychological mechanisms necessary to function at a high level in a foreign environment.

  • It’s one thing to be able to produce a report for your boss when you know you’re going to get yelled at if you’re not ready for next Monday’s meeting, but how will you go when you’re working for yourself from your loungeroom and the surf is pumping?
  • It’s one thing to have been able to call your old school mates and catch up when you’re feeling a little disconnected, but who’re you going to call when you’re sitting on a beach in Thailand?
  • It’s one thing to be able to knuckle down and focus when you’ve only got one option open to paying your bills, but what how do you narrow down the endless possibilities available to you when you have the freedom to live your life in any way you want?
  • It’s one thing to feel safe and secure with your weekly paycheck landing in your account every Wednesday, but how certain will you feel when you know your income streams can get wiped out in one Google update?

The ‘lifestyle’ part of lifestyle design is only possible when you have the psychological foundations necessary to create it. That’s where the real work is, and that’s why most people who decide they want to design their life fail within the first three months.


How do you start?

If you’re ready to create a life that gives you the freedom to live anywhere, do anything, meet great people and have incredible experiences, all while making more money than you ever have in your entire life, then it’s time to get to work.

The first step in the lifestyle design process is identifying your ideal vision of the life you want to live. After all, if you don’t know where you’re doing, you’ll never get there.

If you know what you want your life to look like, then great, you’re ready to go.

If you’re not sure what kind of life you want to create, then you can start here: One Perfect Day

It’s a 10 module program that will help you discover your ideal vision of your perfect life. And if you’re ready to walk the path of lifestyle design, it’s the best place to start.

After that, it’s time to start creating your vision. But before you get scared that you’re too far from your vision, and you’ll never get there, stop and take a breath. You can start creating your vision of your ideal life today. You don’t need to quit your job and run off into the sunset; you can start small.

Things you can change about your life today that will take you closer to your ideal life are:

  • Change what you’re eating
  • Change who you’re spending your time with
  • Change what you do on the weekend
  • Start that hobby you’ve always wanted to start
  • Learn about that thing you’ve always been interested about
  • Start building your first website
  • Catch up with someone important you’ve lost contact with
  • Join our community and start asking important question

You can start today, and you can start making progress now.

Pick one part of your life you can change right now and get to work. Once you’ve seen some results, you’ll be motivated to get into the bigger tasks, and you’ll actually believe it’s possible.